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GOP Mega-Donors Dick Uihlein, Bernie Marcus, and Kathryn “Murph” Burke Are Endorsing Harmeet Dhillon

Harmeet has successfully fought on behalf of party committees and Republican candidates, even when the RNC would not.’

Over the past week, some of the most loyal, dedicated, and principled donors in the Republican Party publicly and enthusiastically endorsed Harmeet Dhillon in her campaign for Chair of the Republican National Committee.

For years, these legacy donors, including Bernie Marcus, Dick Uihlein, Murph Burke, and others have tirelessly funded conservatives up and down the ballot and supported Republican activists across the country.

Today, they recognize that Harmeet Dhillon is the best candidate to ensure responsible and effective stewardship of the RNC’s financial resources heading into 2024. They trust Harmeet to deliver a better return on donors’ investments into the GOP’s party apparatus and measure every dollar spent against results. They recognize that Harmeet’s track record of business experience, ethical stewardship of donor funds, and commitment to transparency is the leadership style the Committee needs to build a winning majority.

Most importantly, they trust Harmeet to unite the GOP base, adjust our strategy to effectively chase ballots, and lead the fight against the well-funded and highly-energized radical Left.

Check out what some of these donors are saying about Harmeet below:


“The Republican Party needs new leadership. While I appreciate the work that Ronna McDaniel has done during her tenure as RNC Chair, it’s time for a leader willing and equipped to prevail in the fight against the radical left. That leader is Harmeet Dhillon. Harmeet…has successfully fought on behalf of party committees and Republican candidates, even when the RNC would not. She fearlessly uses her talents, time, and energy to go on offense against the progressives seeking to destroy our great nation. Harmeet has the energy and bold vision to set the Republican Party on a course for victory in 2024 and beyond.”

 Dick Uihlein (Read Dick’s full endorsement letter here)

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“I continue to believe that our best days are ahead of us unless liberal elites win the battle for America’s future. This battle will be waged not only at the ballot box, but in state and federal courts, the media, the court of public opinion, our schools, and our streets. Harmeet Dhillon is a fighter in our courts, in the media, and elsewhere. The RNC needs someone with her real-world experience, tenacity, and toughness.”

– Bernie Marcus (Read Bernie’s full endorsement letter here)

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“As a lifelong supporter (over 50 years) of the RNC, I am very concerned that we need new strong leadership to help guide us going forward—especially in curtailing the onslaughts from the radical left. We definitely need new leadership, as the last three cycles show that Ronna is not guiding us conservatives toward victory. Her reputation and record show that Harmeet Dhillon is a much better candidate to head the RNC…I urge you to embrace a new approach for the RNC going into the future.”

– Kathryn “Murph” Burke (Read Murph’s full endorsement letter here)




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