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GOP Gang of 200 Meltdown Exposes Phony Conservative, Inc. Media Cartel

CARY, North Carolina – This has arguably been the greatest 48 hours in our populist movement’s history. Our 20 courageous Republican House members who refuse to cave into the Uni-Party shills have energized our base like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Our America First populist uprising is gaining steam as we finally have a band of representatives who are standing up for working people.

The beauty of this —in just 48 hours look what we’ve exposed: the entire Conservative, Inc. fake and feigned opposition at FOX News, most of its hosts and paid contributors and the Quislings in the GOP caucus who sold us out for the Uni-Party swamp cabal.

But it doesn’t end there. Add this irrelevant group to the exposed list: the Club for Growth, a NEVER-Trumper super PAC whose president, David McIntosh, first opposed McCarthy, then threw in with him last night when he got his bag of gold – a promise to not have McCarthy’s super PAC clash with his hand-picked candidates in GOP primaries. It’s the swamp in action! After his deal was done, he then pushed out a “leak” to NewsMax last night that a Republican caucus deal had been cut and McCarthy would pick up 10 votes today – all based on his recommendation.

Who the hell does he think he is?

He got zero votes. Why? Because our team of patriots can’t be bought off with goody bags or intimidated by FOX News ambushes.

It’s like you went into the kitchen late at night, turned on the light and the cockroaches were having a dance party.

They live among us. We just don’t see them when the lights are on out in the open. Now they’ve been exposed in all their glory.

The FAUX News charlatans have no idea what this is even about. They think a deal can be cut. This isn’t about getting a bigger slice of pie at the table and now you’re back with Kevin McCarthy because you got something from him.

This is about stopping our country from going over a cliff.

Guests come on my show and say, “Well John, you know, there’s no endgame. What’s the endgame?”

Do you know what the endgame is?

There is none. That’s the power of this.

Or, “Hey John, what’s the plan? Nobody has a plan. Do the 20 have a plan?”

Damn right we have a plan. You know what the plan is?

It’s NO! That’s our plan.

It’s as simple as that.

We’re done collaborating with the Quislings and the Communists.

Now, the Uni-Party Mccarthyists are threatening us: “OK, so we’re going to cut a deal with the Democrats!”


What deal are they going to cut?

Are they going to get a $1.7 trillion Omnibus bill? No, they did that already with 20 GOP senate votes. 

Maybe a $2 trillion Green New Deal package? 

No, they did that too —with 19 Republican Senate votes. 

Or maybe $100 billion for Ukraine? Nope-already did that, too. 

“Wait! What happens John if the Democrats get more seats on the committees?”

The same thing is happening now. It’s all a facade. 

So, let me get this straight— the Gang of 200 is willing to cut a deal with the Democrats to weaken the country, weaken the Republican House majority’s hand by putting more Democrats on committees to weaken the investigations and water down our agenda?

The gang of 200 is willing to do that —for what? To shill for McCarthy? What’s their plan? 

This has nothing to do with policy. They have no problem spending money we don’t have and saddling our kids with the bill. It’s all about them. What do they stand for? What do they believe?

We know what we believe: America First. 

“But John ‘it’s only 20! It only represents 10 percent of the Republican conference!”

That 10 percent represents 80 percent of our base.

One person with courage makes a majority.

20 people can change the world. 




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