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We are celebrating Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s bold and courageous decision to open his state for business, put hundreds of hard-working Georgian’s back to work safely, and save thousands of Peach State families and small businesses from economic ruin, bankruptcy, and financial devastation.

The John Fredericks Radio Network is broadcasting live from Georgia Tuesday, April 28 to Friday, May 1.

We will start in the North Fulton community of Roswell, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.

Governor Brian Kemp’s brave move to open Georgia for business is a game-changer for America.

The John Fredericks Show will be live in Georgia for the week to bring you the real news from small business owners, local mayors, workers, those who are unemployed, and state legislators.

We’ll be combating the fake news crew, which will be looking for anything they can find to tarnish Gov. Kemp and perpetuate their phony narrative aimed at tanking the economy, annihilating small business owners, getting more swing-state voters dependent on the government, and open-ended mail-in voting in November – all in an effort to defeat President Trump and elect his Democrat opponent.

Meanwhile, our way of life and entire means of production has been shut down, putting up to 30,000,0000 Americans out of work and destroying thousands of small businesses in the process.

We have not even bothered to calculate the social, economic and public health costs of the shutdown: suicides, drug overdose, alcoholism, stress, heart attacks, strokes, domestic violence, students falling behind academically, missed child support payments, increased divorce rates, bankruptcies,: the list is enormous.

Recent studies by USC and Stanford are now showing that the real Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) is between .01 to .02 percent, perhaps double that of regular influenza. When you factor out those over 65 with underlying compromised health issues, the IFR is on a par with the flu.

Dr. Fauci keeps quoting the IFR risks are 1.0 to 3.0 percent – now proved false. The aforementioned new studies show he’s inflating it by 10X to 30X.

It’s no doubt a nasty and painful infection-but not fatal for 99.98 percent of healthy people (according to two major studies in CA and one in NYC).

Godzilla Goes To Georgia to Shatter the Unemployment Curve 

Governor Kemp strikes a blow to defend the American way of life and shatter the unemployment curve.

The gig is up for those who want to keep the U.S. economy closed for political reasons.

The “shelter in place” team is playing “hide and seek.”

They want us to hide because they seek to defeat Trump.  And to do that they are willing to end the American way of life and make government all-powerful.

They keep moving the goalposts to open the economy to keep us in cowering in shut down.

First, it was we didn’t have enough Covid-19 hospital beds and our health care system would be “over-run.” Remember that? That was how we were sold on the shutdown in the first place. That never happened and was never close.

Then it was ventilators. Now we have enough.

Then it was “flatten the curve.” We did that.

Then it was too many deaths. That percentage has declined.

Then it was “universal testing, we need more tests to open.” We are doing tens of thousands of tests per day.

Now it’s we don’t have enough tracking, I mean contact tracing, with APPs courtesy of Bill and Melinda Gates, Facebook and Google. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Tomorrow they’ll concoct something else.

Their real vaccine is Joe Biden. If he wins in November, we will get a miraculous “all clear.”

But if the new studies are correct, we don’t need 1-800 Rat-Out-Your-Neighbor lines or “Big Bill is tracking you” apps.  The infection’s IFR for healthy people is close to that of a nasty flu.

That means the solution is to isolate and protect the vulnerable.

Let the rest of America get on with living. And let America be the home of the brave

Invited Guests for Godzilla in Georgia 

GA Governor Brian Kemp
GA Lt Governor Geoff Duncan
Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus
Sen. David Perdue
Congressman Jody Hice
Congressman Doug Collins
Roswell Mayor Lori Henry
State Sen Brandon Beach
State Rep Vernon Jones
State Rep Beth Beskin
Former Congressman Jack Kingston
Former Congressman Paul Broun

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