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Georgians Deserve the Truth

When Does Partisanship Become a “Witch Hunt?”

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BY: Saleigh Grubbs, Chairwoman, Cobb County GOP

MARIETTA, Georgia — With the release of the Grand Jury indictments by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis on Monday of this week, the worst fears of Georgians have come true. Our Founders warned us about the possibility of government overreach, unaccountable bureaucrats, and big government. And we thought we had sufficient means of restraining government from such over-reach – carefully crafted laws, applied equally to all, accountable prosecutors, and rules that restrained our prosecutors and judges from unreasonable and inequitable intrusions into our Creator-granted rights.

But this is no longer the case in Georgia.

Fulton County District Attorney Willis has weaponized the power of the justice system in an apparent attempt to take out a political opponent of the current sitting President who represents her party. Ms. Willis has over-stepped her legal authority by going after ordinary Georgians who exercised their first amendment rights by questioning the election results and processes. Like all Americans. Georgians are entitled to have the right to speak freely per the United States Constitution and the Georgia Constitution. Georgians are granted the right to petition their government for the redress of grievances. Georgians are entitled to have a “just” government, which the Declaration of Independence identified as being instituted to secure those rights and that we know should be accountable to the people.

But, in an unprecedented move, DA Willis is going after persons who exercised those rights in seeking answers to the conduct of government and who attempted to speak freely in doing so. She has not only indicted the former President of the United States but his attorneys and other citizens who were either doing their jobs or exercising their rights. Many persons, in Georgia and out of state rightfully questioned the validity of actions taken in the 2020 Election. As recent complaints to the State Election Board have made clear, we still do not know what happened in that election. We still have not had access to the ballots, ballot images, supporting documents or the courts. When a “tweet” or a request for a phone number lands a federal charge in an indictment, it is clear something is very wrong with this indictment. 

There is no question that every citizen has their First Amendment right, yet the Fulton DA has ignored these rights, trampling on our Constitution by wrongfully charging 19 people with crimes that can best be described only in her own delusions. Just looking at her first complaint, trying to call attention to legislators that there were election irregularities in 2020 is a “false statement” to persuade Georgia legislators. I wonder how many lobbyists would use language that would fall into DA Willis’s delusional definition of “false statements.”

The 2020 election was historic in many ways. There were unprecedented actions taken by elected officials under the auspice of a global pandemic – those actions deviated from state law and created a chaotic election that provided cover for what many observers saw as the creation of an opportunity to control the outcome of an election. Georgia used the Dominion voting system for the first time without anyone having experience or familiarity, the Georgia SOS used the Governor's Declaration of Emergency as an excuse to send every registered voter an unsolicited absentee ballot application, opening the door for widespread fraud. He also used the declaration to circumvent Georgia law, by adding an unprecedented number of unmonitored drop boxes all over the state that provided 24-hour unfettered access.

After the 2020 election, there were hundreds of witnesses that came forward with proof of election irregularities and fraud. Hundreds committed their experiences to sworn affidavits and included eyewitness accounts of ballot harvesting and shredding, deleted ballot images, ballots duplicated and scanned multiple times, votes from dead people, and former residents who no longer lived in Georgia having their votes counted due to filthy voter rolls. Absentee ballots appeared from nowhere that had no folds and the Fulton County precinct wherein a supposed phantom water leak stopped the counting of ballots sending the poll observers and monitors to go home, all contrary to Georgia Law.

After observers were gone there are allegations of workers continuing to scan questionable ballots. Many counties did not properly perform required signature match verifications or do them at all. These issues were never properly nor fully investigated. These issues were never litigated in the courts that have rejected the “standing” of the voters – even now that the Georgia Supreme Court, over two years after the election, has finally reaffirmed what the lower courts should have known all along – a citizen whose vote is diluted by these irregularities has standing to challenge the process.

It is time for the truth to be told. It is time for these issues to be finally investigated. We welcome the opportunity – as late as it is – to finally be able to view the workings of a system that created so much chaos and a stream of inconsistent results. We welcome the fact that these indictments will allow citizens to finally review the evidence. But we regret the fact that this indictment is intended to distract from real issues. We regret the fact that the cost will strain citizens who acted patriotically, in a manner protected by our great Constitution.

We regret the partisan nature of the Willis witch-hunt. It causes further division and creates the impression of an out-of-control state using the full power of the judicial and executive branches to put down any political dissent. It is time for elected officials to wake up to the reality that these indictments are partisan, third-world tactics, instituted by rogue government officials. Georgians will lose more and more liberty and freedom if we become no better than a “banana republic,” where political opponents are regularly dispensed with through fictitious legal arguments.

All Georgia Legislators from both sides of the aisle need to stand in opposition to these actions that erode our faith in our justice system. America cannot withstand a two-tiered, partisan system of governance. We will stand with those legislators who will stand with us and our constitutional rights. President Trump was right, “They are not coming after me, they are coming after YOU. I’m just standing in the way”.  Ask yourself, why are they going to such great lengths, that could destroy our country, to keep Trump from running for President? Is it because he sent mean tweets and called people names? No! Is it because he broke the law? No, there is no proof!  It is because he is a threat to DC power brokers – the rich men north of Richmond – he is a threat to the government bureaucracy, and most importantly it is because he IS standing in the way of those that are turning our country into a single-party, authoritarian nightmare.

THAT is why his name is on the indictment.

Pray for our Electors. Help our Electors! Pray for President Trump. Pray for all those who have been wrongfully accused, who are suffering under an oppressive, partisan, and activist District Attorney who is seeking to silence people, and erode the First Amendment, all while publicly using her indictments to raise money for her political future.

Also, importantly – If you can afford it, please give and support the efforts to defend those being persecuted! THEY NEED YOUR HELP – WE ALL DO. Click here to DONATE today to support a cause that is bigger than any of us. All funds go to defend the electors who were just doing their volunteer service to the Republican party.

Together, we can put these Inquisitors in the dustbin of history.

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