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Florida Democrats Hit Panic Button as Biden Campaign in Disarray 

Something in the water? Florida slipping away from Biden as his hide in the basement strategy crumbles…

Joe Biden is in trouble: We are 40 days out, and across the country, Democrats are expressing serious concern in team Biden’s invisible campaign.

McClatchy reports progressive activists in Florida are “growing increasingly worried about” the Biden campaign’s refusal (or inability) to knock on doors.

Regarding Biden’s “in-person campaigning problem” in Florida, one Democrat said, “There’s a lot of anxiety among smart people who do this for a living and understand what it takes to win the state of Florida. … In an election where it’s close, that matters. [Trump’s campaign] is doing it and we’re not.”

And there are more reasons for Democrat heartburn: Politico reports, “Republicans have closed the traditional voter registration gap with Democrats to a historically small margin in Florida, triggering a wave of Democratic apprehension…”

Politico, 9/24/2020

Politico notes, “In August, Republicans added a party record of almost 58,000 new voters — a 91 percent increase compared to August 2016, the Florida election data show. The number of new Republicans added in August is 41 percent more than the number of new Democrats who registered. Democratic registration, meanwhile, was 6 percent lower than the total racked up in August 2016.”

And Democrats’ issues aren’t just in Florida, Biden’s campaign is “invisible” in Michigan and in North Carolina, “Republicans are sending platoons of volunteers to voters’ homes to chat and leave literature at their doors. Democrats are not.”

The Washington Post reports that Team Trump’s on the ground campaigning “has not silenced Democratic concerns that Biden is leaving an opening for Trump among the small pool of genuinely undecided voters.”

The Post notes, “Some groups pushing for Biden’s election have openly questioned the decision to forgo in-person contacts.”

Furthermore, Biden has given up on campaigning for the day, again. (Biden has called lids 9 times before noon this month so far.)

 A lid at 9:2O AM? This begs the question: Why?

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