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Failed Neo Con War Monger Bolton: Wrong On Every Foreign Policy Decision In The Last 50 Years

Failed war monger and unrepentant Neo-Con “Book Deal” Bolton, the reincarnation of Dr. Strangelove, was fired by President Trump for his disastrous decision making on Iran and Venezuela…now makes false and bogus allegations to sell his new book of lies.

John Bolton’s irrelevant Ukrainian claims:

  • Alleged information was leaked to the New York Times about John Bolton’s forthcoming book.
    • Interestingly, the leak occurred at the same time as the Amazon pre-sale page for the book.
  • The released transcripts show that President Trump did NOTHING wrong in this phone call with President Zelensky.
    • President Trump is the most transparent president in the history of our nation.
  • The transcripts show that President Zelensky was not asked to do anything in exchange for lethal military aid.
  • President Zelensky has said multiple times that he felt “no pressure” on any of the phone call with President Trump.
  • The military aid flowed to Ukraine without any investigation.
  • President Trump has equipped Ukraine with military aid, unlike any other administration.
  • The Obama administration refused lethal military aid to Ukraine.
  • During the Obama administration, Russia actually took territory from Ukraine – and the Obama administration did nothing about it.

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