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FACT: Democrats’ Universal Vote-by-Mail Scheme is Ripe for Fraud

Democrats’ push will lead to chaos and the disenfranchisement of voters.

President Trump is fighting to ensure all Americans’ right to vote is protected and everyone’s vote matters. Democrats’ universal vote-by-mail scheme puts that at risk. 

Countless examples across the country illustrate the potential for fraud under Democrats’ universal mail-in ballot scheme:

  • In New Jersey’s municipal mail-in election, 1 in 5 ballots were rejected as fraud and four men, including two Democrat councilmen, have been charged with mail-in voter fraud.
  • In Pennsylvania, tens of thousands of voters were unable to cast a ballot due to mail-in ballot issues.
  • In Virginia, nearly 1,000 voters received duplicate mail-in ballots.
  • Hundreds of New Jersey ballots were found improperly bundled together in a single mailbox and large numbers of ballots were left on lobby floors of apartment buildings, never reaching residents’ mailboxes.
  • In Georgia, a dead cat received a voter registration application.
  • Residents in Paterson, NJ never received their mail-in ballot but are listed as having already voted.
  • In California’s primary, more than 100,000 mail-in ballots were rejected for a variety of reasons, including postmark issues and signature mismatches.

Joe Biden doesn’t care that voting in person is far more secure than voting by mail, nor does he care about disenfranchising thousands of Americans. He would rather put Democrats’ partisan plot to seize power before protecting our free and fair elections.

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