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Dems Trash Life Saving Covid-19 Vaccine For Politics

Biden and Kamala Harris have worked hard to undermine confidence in the coronavirus vaccine.

After months of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris contradicting health officials like Dr. Anthony Fauci and spreading anti-vaccine conspiracy theories backed by zero evidence, an alarming new Morning Consult poll shows that only 51% of Americans are now willing to take a coronavirus vaccine, a 21-point drop from April when 72% said they would get the vaccine.

This drop is unsurprising given that Biden has repeatedly sowed fear about the vaccine by suggesting it won’t be “real” or “safe.” He mockingly asked “who’s gonna take the shot?” Harris has refused to say whether she herself would even take a vaccine. As late as last week, Biden was suggesting the vaccine would be unsafe due to political pressure, despite the fact that health officials like Dr. Fauci have repeatedly confirmed that there is no political pressure. Does Biden think Dr. Fauci is lying?

The irresponsible rhetoric from Biden and Harris will directly lead to more Americans dying from the coronavirus. Their rhetoric also completely contradicts public health experts:

President Trump has moved mountains to produce a life-saving safe vaccine in record time. Perhaps that scares Joe Biden, who botched the response to the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic so badly that his former chief of staff Ron Klain admitted it was only pure luck that it wasn’t “one of the great mass casualty events in American history.”

Biden and Harris know full well what the experts have said about the coronavirus vaccine, but they are choosing to sow fear and endanger lives anyway, just for political reasons. The fact that they refuse to say “yes, I will take the vaccine,” when public health experts have already said it is untainted by politics is reckless and wrong. They should apologize immediately.

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