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Dems to America: Screw Your Vote, We Hate Trump–And You Too!

Dems: Facts are not our friends…while the fake newsers in the lying creep media tries to manipulate public opinion against President Trump, the facts remain clear:

    • Read the released transcripts!
    • There was no quid pro quo or bribery in any of the exchanges between President Trump and President Zelensky.
    • President Zelensky said multiple times to the world press that there was “no pressure” on the phone calls.
    • President Trump offered President Zelensky an official White House visit THREE times with no preconditions.
    • The aid was released to Ukraine without any investigation.
  • House Democrats have failed to produce evidence of any wrongdoing by President Trump.
  • Still bitter about the legitimate results of the 2016 election, Democrats and the media are trying to interfere in the 2020 election – instead of leaving the results up to the American voter.
  • Never in the history of our country has a President and his administration been treated more unfairly than President Trump has.
  • Democrats are setting an extremely dangerous precedent for future Presidents to come.

Next steps in the impeachment process:

  • Now that the rules have been set, the impeachment trial picks back up in the Senate today at 1pm.
  • House Managers will have 24 hours over three days to present their case; the same goes for the President’s Defense Team.
  • Following the presentation of each side, Senators will have 16 hours to question both sides via written questions to the Chief Justice.
  • Next, there will be four hours of debate for Senators to decide the need for new witnesses and/or evidence, followed by a vote.
  • If new witnesses or evidence is agreed upon, there will be depositions and Senators will decide if witnesses will testify.
  • After all evidence is presented and witnesses have testified, the Senate will vote on the two articles of impeachment against President Trump.

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