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Dems Ploy Backfires as Trump Poll Numbers Soar

As Congressional Democrats’ Impeachment Sham Drags on, the President’s Approval Goes Up 

Americans aren’t focused on impeachment – they want Congressional Democrats to get back to work.

·         A recent poll found that 46% of voters disapprove of the way House Democrats have handled impeachment, compared to only 43% who approve.

o   A full 48% of voters disapprove on how Nancy Pelosi has handled impeachment, versus only 38% who approve.

·         A December survey found that nearly two-thirds of voters believe that Congressional Democrats are more interested in impeaching the President than passing legislation.

·         While they have focused on impeachment, issues of real importance have gone unaddressed by Congress and the American people are taking notice.

While Congressional Democrats continue pursuing their impeachment obsession, President Trump’s support has only increased.

·         President Trump’s job approval has risen by five percentage points amongst voters since Pelosi launched the impeachment sham, according to an Economist/YouGov poll.

·         A CNN poll found that President Trump’s approval among voters has risen by 3 percentage points since Pelosi started impeachment.

·         Further, a recent CNN poll found that a majority of all Americans approve of President Trump’s handling of the economy – rising by 7 points since before impeachment.

o   Optimism about the economy continues to rise under President Trump, with 76% of Americans rating economic conditions as good – the highest percentage since 2001.

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