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Dems Pathetic Response To Iranian Freedom Protesters

The silence from 2020 Democrats on the Iranian protests shows they care more about attacking President Trump than they do about standing up for human rights around the world…Despite being quick to condemn President Trump for eliminating Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani; Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren have remained silent as Iranians take to the street to protest the regime…Amy Klobuchar meanwhile released an embarrassingly pathetic statement…Wow, Iranian protestors hang your hat on this Tweet gem:

Amy Klobuchar : “People should have the right to peacefully protest in any country, including Iran.”
Wow Amy that will inspire freedom!

And Joe Biden’s response to the protests was first to try to score political points by attacking President Trump…2020 Democrats lack of support for the Iranian protests is glaring because just last week they were quick to espouse Iranian propaganda while attacking President Trump.

·         Pete Buttigieg implied the U.S. was to blame for Iran shooting down a civilian plane.

·         Tulsi Gabbard (yes she is still running) refused to blame Iran for shooting down the Ukrainian airplane and blamed the U.S. instead. Yeah, its Trump’s fault.

·         Elizabeth Warren pushed the conspiracy that claimed the Soleimani strike was a distraction from impeachment.

·         While Bernie Sanders showed how truly dangerous his foreign policy would be as president: comparing killing Soleimani to Putin assassinating Russian dissidents, implying Soleimani was only labeled a terrorist to justify the strike, and claiming the strike could create “international anarchy.”

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