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Dems Lie Their Pants Off At Alice In Wonderland Press Conference

Pelosi and Dems Lie To the American people during bizarre Mad Hatter style press conference today…To the surprise of no one, Democrats spread one lie and misleading statement after another during their announcement on the impeachment managers…Pelosi actually claimed she was following “public sentiment” in deciding on impeachment…hahaha LOL! Polls following their sham proceedings show that Democrats completely failed to sway the public to support impeachment.

Witch Hunters Get The Band Back Together

After A Month Of Delay, Nancy Pelosi Has Announced A Who’s Who Of The Most Partisan Politicians She Has To Offer To Make The Case For Impeachment In The Senate

Pelosi argued “voters in America” should decide who our president is! Seriously, Nancy? 

·         If they really believed this, Democrats’ wouldn’t be trying to undo the results of the 2016 election and interfere in the 2020 election.

Pelosi said she believes that Dems have a “strong case for impeachment.”

·     Huh? Democrats have found no quid pro quo, no bribery, no extortion, or anything else.

Pelosi proclaimed that the President “undermined our national security” by holding up security assistance to Ukraine.

·         The President has done more to help the Ukraine than any other administration. Obama only gave Ukraine blankets, while President Trump gave them lethal security assistance.


Throughout the press conference, Pelosi repeatedly referenced the “serious” responsibility or this “serious matter,” completely flying in the face of how Democrats have handled this process.

·         Schiff falsified an account of the President’s Ukraine call, Nadler fell asleep during his own hearings, and Democrats cheered after impeachment passed.

Adam Schiff contended that Democrats felt a “certain urgency” about this impeachment.

·         Democrats repeatedly claimed this was “urgent,” yet they held the articles of impeachment for weeks in a needless delay.

Schiff accused the President of “trying to get foreign help in cheating in the next election.”

·         Democrats have not provided any evidence that the President tried to impact the 2020 election. President Trump always put America’s interests first in his discussions with foreign leaders.

Schiff said “the President has been obstructing” Democrats from calling certain witnesses.

·         The President has followed past precedent and the advice of the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. It’s the Democrats that have declined to go to court over their subpoenas.

Jerry Nadler opined that his party has an “overwhelming case beyond any reasonable doubt.”

·         If Democrats were so confident their case was “overwhelming,” they wouldn’t be desperately scrambling to try and add additional witnesses and evidence.

Nadler outrageously claimed that the President “betrayed the country.”

·         Every decision the President taken with regard to Ukraine has been for the benefit of the American people.

Nadler claimed there is “overwhelming evidence” that the President withheld aid to Ukraine in order to “extort a foreign government into intervening in our election.”

·         Ukraine has made clear that they were never pressured to do anything and they got the aid and the meeting without having to investigate anything.

Nadler asserted that the testimony of certain witnesses – like Hunter Biden – are not “relevant” to this inquiry.

·         As Professor Turley pointed out in response to this claim, “Nadler is simply wrong that Hunter Biden is irrelevant.”

Hakeem Jeffries promised that Democrats were going to “follow the facts.”

·         There are no facts for impeachment! The facts clearly show that the President did nothing wrong. What Democrats are doing is manufacturing their own “facts” to fit their impeachment agenda.

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