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Dem’s Epic Fail: Another Report, Another Failure by House Democrats

Dems new strategy…bore us to death…Another snooze-fest coming Monday… After boring the American people with the inane anti-Trump ramblings of three Marxist style liberal professors, Judiciary Democrats have now released a report with more of the same biased arguments and still no evidence of wrongdoing by the President…they ignore the roaring economy and do nothing on legislation that matters…

Judiciary Democrats’ report is just more of the same biased legal arguments we heard from their three lefty profs this week…before Pelosi pulled the plug on the whole fiasco…

  • Their report is nothing more than a biased legal treatise, cherry-picking whatever information they can to try and salvage their failing impeachment sham. 
  • These are the same biased arguments made by their three liberal professors at Wednesday’s hearing.
  • Poll after poll shows the American people have no interest in this liberal treatise. House Democrats should stop wasting their time and get back to work on the issues that impact Americans’ lives.

Democrats conveniently omit any legal opinions that don’t align with their impeachment sham.

  • Democrats omitted opposing perspectives from respected legal scholars like Professor Jonathan Turley – who also testified at their hearing.
  • Turley has made abundantly clear that Democrats’ “record does not establish obstruction in this case.”
  • Democrats are claiming it’s obstruction for the President to raise legitimate legal privileges – yet they have declined to go to court over their subpoenas. 
  • As Turley pointed out, this is not what the founders had in mind and amounts to an abuse of power by House Democrats.
    • TURLEY: “To set this abbreviated schedule, demand documents, and then impeach because they haven’t been turned over when they go to a court – when the President goes to a court, I think that is an abuse of power.”

After multiple hearings and reports by both the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees, they have yet to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by the President.

  • Democrats have released yet another report without any evidence of wrongdoing by the President.
  • Schiff’s sham process produced nothing more than hearsay, assumptions, and conjecture – with no evidence tying the President to a quid pro quo, bribery, extortion or whatever Democrats’ focus groups want to call it. 
  • Judiciary Democrats’ first hearing was a complete failure, and the only thing the three liberal professors established was their bias against the President.

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