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Dems Develop New Coronavirus Vaccine: Defeat Trump

By John Fredericks

Democrats will undoubtedly give the “all clear” order to open up the U.S. economy for business on November 4, when Joe Biden is elected President — by mail-in harvested ballots sent in bulk to “resident.”

You shouldn’t have to decide between voting and dying, right?

In the meantime, we have to endure their call for a “new normal.” To Democrats, this pandemic is the gift that never stops giving: they can weaponize it to destroy President Trump, economically assassinate his most ardent deplorable supporters, wipe out small business owners and their families– their political nemeses – and further consolidate big business, big tech, big finance and big government under one big DNC controlled tent.

And they’ll make Trump’s voter base, who they blame for electing the man they hate, suffer great pain and hardship.

Hell, it’s better than a Gulag.

Democratic governors in swing states crucial to Trump’s reelection can now slow walk their economies back, inflicting maximum stress and pain on their residents to insure Trump loses their state and GDP numbers stay in recession territory as long as possible.

Let’s take two cases in point.

First case in point is Michigan, where Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer aka Nurse Ratched instituted a slew of draconian measures restricting her subjects’ movement that had nothing to do with virus control.

It’s not enough that her state is now at 25 percent unemployment.

That’s simply not good enough to insure a Biden victory.

She needed to do more, so she concocted the “personal depression” plan. Anything that might make you feel better about your life is prohibited. You can’t plant flowers; they might bloom.

You can’t paint your house or a room in your home; it might be too bright and cheery.

You can’t visit a neighbor; too much risk of positive social interaction.

You can’t visit your second home on the lake; it’s too calming.

You can’t operate your motorboat; it’s too much fun.

You can’t buy a flag; it may make you feel good about your country.

You can’t worship; don’t want to inspire you and give you hope.

But here is what you can do; drink yourself to death and have abortions.

What’s a little alcoholism and depression as long as it insures Biden carries Michigan and Trump loses?

Next stop Pennsylvania, where 60 of 67 counties have fewer than 20 Covid-19 cases. The GOP-led Keystone State legislature just passed a bill to open their state up for business, only to have Democrat Gov. Tom Wolfe veto it.

Pennsylvania has endured a staggering 1.4 million unemployment claims filed since the start and the state is seeing a steady migration of its residents cross state lines to buy goods.

What’s the harm of a few million families torn apart and ruined for years if it can lead to Biden carrying Pennsylvania, right?

Like Malcom X said: “By whatever means necessary.”

The New Normal

 Apparently, our new normal American economic model revolves around central government planning.

The unstated premise of the approved narrative on pandemic response and post-pandemic recovery is that the government now has full power to plan the U.S. economy – state by state – complete with a central planning committee made of big business titans and federal bureaucrats, like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

This, of course, results in a planned economy, similar to the now defunct USSR and today’s China.

These planners will now decide how many people can sit at a bar, go to a ballgame, how many tables a restaurant can have or how many chairs are allowed in a barber shop. They will regulate your business, if you dare to have one. These planners now have the power to decide if you are even essential.

In the old normal, customers, or the lack thereof, decided if your business was essential. Now it’s up to some planner in Washington, D.C., Lansing or Harrisburg.

Our other new normal takes a page out of the 2008 financial crisis, where TARP gave big banks trillions of dollars to steal from middle class Americans. I guess after 12 years, big finance is due for another U.S. taxpayer fleecing.

The Federal Reserve is merging their asset sheets with private equity, borrowing $2 trillion of your money, cynically calling it a Main Street fund.

In actuality, it will fire bomb Main Street businesses across America, and the private equity funds will end up buying the starving small businesses who have not filed for bankruptcy.  They will then in turn liquidate these businesses at the sacrificial altar of Amazon, Walmart, Dollar General and the like.

Mitt Romney can run that. He’s good at it.

The real bonanza for the private equity funds is that they get to wipe trillions of dollars of pension fund debt off their books, and transfer it to the Feds’ balance sheet.

As average Americans try to survive on a one-time payment of $1,200 and unemployment checks for a few months, many will not be able to pay rent or mortgages.

The big banks, with champagne popping at Goldman-Sachs, will eventually start foreclosing on homes.

Bonus round: big banks can foreclose on the commercial property owners whose mortgages went in arrears when their small business tenants couldn’t pay the rent.

The same private equity companies that just raked taxpayers will now be buying these homes and properties at significantly reduced pricing, insuring even greater profits.   This leads to more consolidation and more Wall St. windfalls.

It’s a vicious cycle.

Meantime, Governors Whitmer and Wolfe and their Democratic governor friends are keeping you safe.

Welcome to the new normal.

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