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Dems Cry As Impeachment Ruse Backfires–Trump Dems Down By 11

Dems impeachment fiasco backfires…while Pelosi drags the country though impeachment sham, the unfair process is not sitting well with Americans: Internal polling suggests that in 30 Trump districts that voted for Democrat Congressmen during the midterms, there is now an 11-point margin of voters indicating they want to replace their Democrat Congress reps…

  • The seats that flipped during midterms did so because they promised to work WITH President Trump while in office – that hasn’t happened.  
  • Constituents will surely remember the false promises made to them and lack of bipartisan productivity when re-election comes around.
  • President Trump’s fundraising numbers continue to surge as Democrats play political games. In just 48 hours Team Trump raised $10 million in the face of impeachment.
  • Despite wall-to-wall negative media coverage of impeachment, support for the President continues to grow.

President Trump continues to WIN for Americans:

  • As Democrats continue their impeachment circus, President Trump is making real gains for the hardworking men and women of America.
  • According to the White House, people with martial backgrounds and people without college degrees are seeing the “biggest gains” in the economic boom.
  • In the two years that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has gone into effect, Americans have seen more money in their paychecks and found themselves to be more financially stable.
  • The Child Tax Credit will save over 39.4 million families an average of $2,200. President Trump continuously advocates for the working family.
  • With over 7 million new jobs created, record low unemployment for many demographics, and historic tax cuts and regulation cuts, the Trump economy is ready for four more years.

Team Trump launches a new website:

  • As the holiday season wraps up, Team Trump released a new website giving helpful points on how to win arguments with your liberal relatives.
  • gives hard facts on the clear victories that President Trump has achieved since being in office.
  • Choose from categories like the economy, immigration, foreign trade, healthcare, impeachment, and the environment for the best pro-Trump points of view.
  • There is also a section that helps with understanding the Democrat candidates’ socialist policies and how to combat those with logical facts.
  • Choose from videos and bulleted points to help you with just the right thing to say to your liberal snowflake relatives this holiday season!

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