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Dems Crash And Burn: Countless Hours Wasted and Still No Case for Abuse of Power 

After another day of House Democrats repeating the same debunked attacks over and over again, the fact remains that the President did nothing wrong.

House Democrats used their second day of presentations to once again repeat the same discredited abuse of power claims for hours on end.

·         While the speaker changed throughout the day, the thoroughly debunked talking points stayed the same.

·         Nothing House Democrats repeated today changed the simple fact that there was no wrongdoing by the President.

·         Not a single piece of evidence House Democrats presented over the course of the day tied the President to a quid pro quo.

·         House Democrats are the only ones who have abused their power with the way they ran this unprecedented impeachment sham.

House Democrats – once again – got the facts wrong.

·         After all the hours wasted on endless grandstanding, they have yet to provide a shred of evidence supporting the notion the President withheld the aid for political purposes.

o   The bottom line is that Ukraine got the aid and a meeting with the President, while launching no investigations.

·         They spent much of the day sanctimoniously lecturing about how important the aid was, when in fact multiple House impeachment managers voted against authorizing security assistance for Ukraine.

o   Nadler, Lofgren, and Jeffries have all voted against legislation to authorize hundreds of millions of dollars in security assistance for Ukraine.

·         Schiff’s absurdly claimed once again that the President somehow violated U.S. policy by not using staff written talking points in his call with Zelensky.

o   What Schiff failed to mention is that it’s the President’s job to determine foreign policy, not unelected bureaucrats.

·         House Democrats completely botched a quote from Alexander Hamilton that served as one of the central points of their constitutional arguments.

o   Schiff and Nadler tried to pass off a quote from Hamilton as having to do with impeachment, when in fact it was entirely unrelated.

House Democrats’ abuse of power claims still don’t hold up.

·         Zelensky has denied that he was ever pushed or pressured to investigate anything at all.

·         Multiple top ranking Ukrainian officials – including President Zelensky – have established that they did not know about the hold on the aid until well after the July 25th call.

·         The President offered to meet with Zelensky on three occasions with no preconditions.

·         The President was rightfully concerned about corruption in Ukraine and protecting taxpayer dollars.

·         President Trump has longstanding concerns about burden sharing with European countries, and this instance was no different.

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