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DEM WIPE OUT: Schiff’s Sham Process Failed to Produce Any Evidence of Wrongdoing by the President

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham blasts the Dem report about nothing:

“At the end of a one-sided sham process, Chairman Schiff and the Democrats utterly failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump. This report reflects nothing more than their frustrations. Chairman Schiff’s report reads like the ramblings of a basement blogger straining to prove something when there is evidence of nothing.” – 

This report just provides more of the same false narratives Democrats have been using to advance their political agenda and undo the 2016 election,” Grisham wrote in a statement. 

Here is the scorecard: EPIC FAIL–

·         After countless hours wasted, the bottom line is Democrats cannot produce any evidence of wrongdoing by the President.

·         They’ve based their entire case on hearsay, conjecture, and assumptions.

·         They are launching an impeachment due to policy disagreements from unelected bureaucrats.

·         This report is just another step in Democrats’ efforts to undo the results 2016 election.

Democrats have failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump.

·         No one has produced any evidence of a quid pro quo tied to the President.

·         President Zelensky has rejected the claim that he was ever pressured to investigate anything and stated that he did not even know about the hold on the aid at the time of the July call.

·         The evidence does not support any claim that the President withheld aid or a meeting to pressure Ukraine to investigate Burisma, the Bidens, or the 2016 election.

·         Most of the Democrats’ witnesses have never even met the President or had no firsthand knowledge of the events at hand.

·         No witness testified to having any information about any criminal wrongdoing by President Trump.

The President’s longstanding concerns about corruption in Ukraine are entirely justified.

·         Ukraine has a long and troubled history of corruption which is something that must be considered when providing aid.

·         Throughout Democrats’ hearings, multiple witnesses have testified that President Trump had expressed concerns about corruption in Ukraine.

o   Witnesses also highlighted the problems of corruption endemic to Ukraine and its impact.

·         President Trump has a duty to protect taxpayer dollars and ensure that our foreign aid is not wasted on corruption.

·         After President Zelensky demonstrated his commitment to implementing reforms and combatting corruption, President Trump released the aid and met with him.

Lethal aid to Ukraine only exists because President Trump authorized it in the first place.

·         President Trump’s policy on aid to Ukraine has been far stronger than the weak policies of the Obama Administration.

·         For years, the Obama Administration denied Ukraine the lethal aid they needed to defend themselves.

·         President Trump, on the other hand, made the historic decision to provide Ukraine with lethal security assistance.

Democrats are launching impeachment over the policy disagreements of unelected bureaucrats, undermining our very system of government.

·         In our democracy, the President— elected by the American people— sets foreign policy and bureaucrats implement that policy.

·         The idea that the President can undermine foreign policy – the foreign policy he dictates – is ridiculous.

·         It’s the President’s duty to name ambassadors and he can recall them at any time for any reason – no personal opinions change that fact.

·         Democrats’ are effectively trying to place the power to dictate foreign policy into the hands of unelected bureaucrats, instead of the President duly elected by the American people.

Throughout this process, the President has been beyond transparent regarding his interactions with Ukraine and any claims of a “cover up” are completely absurd.

·         In an extraordinary show of transparency, President Trump took the unprecedented step of releasing the transcripts of his calls with President Zelensky.

·         Multiple witnesses who were on the call testified that the call transcripts were accurate.

·         All Americans can see for themselves that the calls were perf

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