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Day One: More Lies, Same Old Schiff Show – America Tuning Out

The first day of House Democrats’ impeachment presentation offered the same debunked arguments as well as some new lies. The American people aren’t buying it…It’s boring…

House Democrats’ first day of impeachment arguments fell completely flat.

·         During today’s proceedings, the House’s impeachment managers recycled the same tired attacks Congressional Democrats have been using for months.

·         We learned nothing new from their presentation – just wasted more time on this partisan hoax.

·         In a telling sign of how unimpressed the Senators were, Adam Schiff admitted that “an encouraging voice” told him to not “keep it up too long.”

House Democrats’ presentation offered up more of their same debunked claims which aren’t convincing anyone.

·         This was just more hours of pointless rhetoric. The facts haven’t changed and there’s still no evidence of wrongdoing by the President.

·         House Democrats keep playing testimony from their witnesses, yet there’s no changing the fact that not a single one witness provided any evidence of wrongdoing by the President.

·         While discussing the Ukraine aid, they continue to omit the fact that President Trump provided the lethal aid that President Obama refused to approve.

·         They repeated their quid pro quo claims, despite the fact that Ukraine has said they were never pressured and didn’t know about the hold on the aid at the time of the July 25th call.

·         Absent any actual evidence of wrongdoing by the President, House Democrats continuously cited witnesses’ personal opinions, policy disputes, speculation, and hearsay.

·         Despite House Democrats making outlandish claims about political motivations, the truth is they are the ones trying to interfere in the 2020 election by pushing this impeachment sham.

The day didn’t go by without Schiff adding to his long list of lies. 

·         Schiff lied, claiming that the President told Sondland that Zelensky “must publicly announce the two political investigations and he should want to do it.”

o   The truth is Schiff falsely passed off second and third-hand hearsay as a direct quote from the President.

·         Schiff lied when he claimed President Trump broke a “commitment” to protect Ukraine’s “territorial integrity,” when it was Obama who let Russia occupy Eastern Ukraine and Crimea.

o   While President Trump provided critical lethal aid so Ukraine could defend itself, President Obama’s only provided pillows and blankets as territory was seized.

·         As Fox News’ Chris Wallace noted today, Schiff “completely misrepresented” Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney’s remarks regarding Ukraine.

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