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Creepy Lefty Economists Wrong Again: Trump Economy Booms In February – Jobs A-Plenty

FEBRUARY’S JOBS REPORT…pandemic this! Creepy Leftist economists dire predictions of gloom and doom foiled again…jobs blow out…Wages up for the 19th straight month…Elitists naysayers cry as they lock their mansion gates and order more caviar and champagne to sulk in their Trump wins again sorrows…More silly predictions from doomsday sky is falling Trump-hating crowd…#Sad

“President Trump’s pro-growth and deregulatory economic policies have unleashed our economic potential.”

February’s jobs report shows a Trump economy that has added millions of jobs and driven up wages! 

  • The economy added an astounding 273,000 new jobs in February, once again smashing economists’ expectations of 175,000.
  • Since President Trump’s election, the United States added more than 7.3 million new jobs.
  • This includes more than 500,000 new manufacturing jobs and 4.3 million jobs for women.
  • Under President Trump, the economy has averaged a stunning 243,000 new jobs per month since December.

Americans are back to work with historically low unemployment rates:

  • The unemployment rate is still at a 50-year low of just 3.5 percent.
  • The last time the unemployment rate was this low, prior to President Trump’s Administration, was 1969.
  • The unemployment rate for black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and veterans are still at historically low levels.
  • Unemployment for women is at its lowest level since 1953.

America has more jobs with higher wages:

  • Thanks to President Trump’s economy, wages rose by a strong 3 percent over the last year, continuing a streak of strong wage growth.
  • Wage growth has been 3 percent or better for 19 consecutive months.
  • The wage growth is primarily going to blue-collar and lower paid workers, putting more money back in the pockets of the middle class and lower-income families.

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