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Chicago Carnage Reaches Horrific Proportions As 58 Minor Children Are Shot

Oh-Oh, Joe! Below are a few numbers that don’t bode well for Hidin’ Joe Biden’s campaign.

  1. According to a recent Gallup poll, 81% of black Americans, 83% of Hispanic Americans, and 88% of white Americans want police to spend same amount of or more time in their area.

That’s not a surprise, in Democrat-run cities like Chicago, chaos is reigning.

Chicago sees 139 percent jump in murders, increase in shootings in July 2020: Cops

Joe Biden’s response: Defund the police.

Reminder: While President Trump supports the men and women of law enforcement, Joe Biden calls them the “enemy.”

  1. Q3 GDP growth is expected to be around 20%, blowing the previous record of 16.7% annual rate which was set in 1950 out of the water.

This is because of President Trump’s leadership. President Trump built the greatest economy in US History, and he is doing it again. Biden on the other hand oversaw the slowest recovery since World War II.

  1. A recent tracking poll this week found that President Trump’s approval rating hit 7 points higher than Obama’s was at the same point in 2012. Oh-oh, Joe.

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