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Bumbling, Stumbling Biden’s Incoherent Pandemic Response: #SAD

The Biden campaign’s response to coronavirus has shown just how out of step team Biden is with reality.

The latest example of the Biden camp’s problems: Biden’s economic plan and the Biden campaign’s Ron Klain.

Klain’s disgusting take about the millions of Americans who have filed for unemployment is no surprise. Afterall, they’re the same campaign that pushed the conspiracy theory that President Trump “decided to let” the coronavirus get “out of hand.”

And yet, just a month ago, Ron Klain was downplaying coronavirus. This is a pattern for the Biden campaign. Two months ago, when President Trump announced travel restrictions with China, Joe Biden was criticizing President Trump for “xenophobia.”

The facts: The American people who have become unemployed because of the coronavirus have President Trump and Republicans to thank for the aid that is coming.

REMINDER: In the aid package, Republicans:

NOTE: Democrats from Joe Biden to Nancy Pelosi have tried to use the coronavirus virus aid package for everything BUT helping Americans affected by coronavirus.

Furthermore, Biden’s 3-point economic plan shows the tone deafness of Team Biden.

Biden Point 1: Use the Defense Production Act to fight the virus.

Reality: Before Biden called for the Defense Production Act, President Trump had already invoked the DPA. And companies like Ford are already working to make respirators and ventilators.

Biden Point 2: Establish a task force to make sure “every dollar going out the door gets to the people who need it.”

Reality: Biden has a terrible track record for relief funds. Not only did millions of dollars of stimulus funds go to waste on Biden’s watch, Biden’s coronavirus response is to enact the Green New Deal which in no way, shape, or form satisfies point 2.

 Biden Point 3: Another deal.

Reality: The ideas Biden is advocating for are nothing more than a laundry list of far left policies Biden wants to ram through under the guise of coronavirus.

Bottom Line: Multiple polls show that the American people are firmly supportive of President Trump’s aggressive response to coronavirus. Yet, as the days go on, Joe Biden’s reaction to coronavirus shows that he has no place getting anywhere near the White House again

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