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President Trump attends NATO summit–Here are the highlights: 

  • Since President Trump took office, NATO has been strengthened and other countries are finally paying their share.
  • President Trump has worked to secure $130 billion in new NATO defense spending. This is the largest increase in NATO funding in a generation.
  • NATO allies are finally fulfilling their spending commitment thanks to Trump.
    • When he took office, only 4 NATO allies were meeting the minimum requirement to spend 2% of GDP on national defense.
    • There are now currently 9 allies that are meeting the requirement.
  • While President Trump is being a global leader, the do-nothing Democrats remain dead set on continuing with the impeachment sham. 

Adam Schiff’s report to be released today:

  • Today lying Adam Schiff’s report from the Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearings will be released. LOL! 
  • While Democrats are voting on their report in a closed-door session, transparent Republicans already released their report from the two-week long process. Their doors are open.
  • There will be a vote at 6:00 PM to advance the impeachment process to the Judiciary Committee for more hearings. Oh goody, I can’t wait! 
  • House Democrats are going to advance the impeachment scam-o-rama as long as they can, with hopes of pushing it to the Senate before Christmas. Quick, pass the popcorn, and call my friend, Mr. Tito. 

Jerry Nadler takes over the impeachment process: The Clown Car Rolls into the Big Tent

  • Tomorrow, Rep. Nadler will take the lead in the impeachment process as hearings begin in the Judiciary Committee. Should we send in Corey Lewandowski just to screw with his head? 
  • Jerry Nadler has had high hopes of impeachment for a long time, he campaigned on the idea for his position on the Committee. Then he got benched after Corey played dish-mop with him. 
  • The three witnesses that Democrats are calling have NO knowledge of the July 25 phone call. They are mere constitutional law ‘experts.’ They are seers and mind-readers. That’s what you have in a circus, right? 
  • Noah Feldman, Pamela S. Karlan, and Michael Gerhardt are college professors. That’s why tuition has gone up so much! 
  • What knowledge of the call do these professors have that gives them the credibility to testify? They heard a call, once at the Verizon Center during a Wizards game. 
  • The testimonials of these witnesses will be solely opinion. Like the fake news. 
  • Once again, Democrats are calling witnesses that didn’t “witness” anything. Who needs witnesses when you have hearsay? 

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