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BREAKING NEWS! Jim Jordan Subpoenas Former Manhattan Prosecutor in First Strike Against Office Prosecuting Trump

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan on Thursday subpoenaed a former Manhattan prosecutor who openly campaigned to criminally charge Donald Trump – in the first significant strike at the office that brought the historic indictment against the former president this week.

Jordan’s subpoena to former Special Assistant District Attorney Mark Pomerantz comes just days after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg pointedly declined to provide documents and testimony to Jordan’s committee, calling it an interference in his investigation.

In a letter last month, the GOP-led panel requested Pomerantz’s voluntary cooperation, but he declined to cooperate at the direction of Bragg’s office.

The subpoena compels his cooperation, setting up a potential legal battle pitting the oversight powers of the federal legislative branch against a state judicial system.

In his letter transmitting the subpoena, Jordan told Pomerantz his testimony was needed in part to inform legislation that would protect future presidents from political persecutions.

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  1. Dee4141

    Now that we know Prez Trump is the cleanest (most careful legally) rich “snit” in recent history, rets see how clean is Da Bragg, da Comey, da Newsom etc are. C’mon, investigative reporters, dig in. Don’t tell me these guys don’t have RECENT! affairs & lying business records.

  2. Justin

    Jordan is only doing what the deep state wants him to. Where are the important subpoenas?? Fauci…Hunter Biden…Comey…Brennan…..Nothing will ever get done because all of these Republicans only ever “talk”

  3. Raulita Pursley

    Thank you Mr Jim Jordan, your the best. President Trump will got the last laugh to
    all Democrats

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