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BREAKING: Dean of Conservative Donor Base, Bernie Marcus, Ditches McDaniel, Endorses Former Trump Campaign Adviser Harmeet Dhillon for RNC Chair

One of the country’s foremost conservative donors on Wednesday endorsed former Trump campaign adviser Harmeet Dhillon to lead the Republican National Committee.

“I am supporting Harmeet Dhillon to become the next chairwoman of the RNC because America’s path forward is at stake,” Home Depot cofounder Bernie Marcus wrote in a letter to RNC members obtained by Just the News.

“Harmeet Dhillon is a fighter in our courts, in the media, and elsewhere,” the letter continued. “The RNC needs someone with her real-world experience, tenacity, and toughness. Please join me in supporting Harmeet Dhillon for RNC chairwoman.”

Marcus’ endorsement of Dhillon, an attorney, deals a significant blow to Ronna McDaniel, the incumbent chairwoman who’s facing growing backlash for leading a disappointing performance the 2022 midterm elections. Republicans won less seats in Congress than many experts predicted, leading many within the GOP to call for a change in party leadership.

Under her leadership, Republicans also lost control of House in the 2018 election cycle and the White House in 2020.

Marcus, a billionaire who’s given a fortune to Republican candidates, framed the RNC leadership race as part of a political battle with the political left over the future of America.

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ICYMI: “Joe Biden Awards Infamous 2020 Election Workers With Presidential Citizens Medals”

Ruby, her daughter, and the others who ran back into the counting room, grabbing the cases from under the “skirted” table, and then back to their counting machines where they came from prior to hearing “water main break” (which never happened) have got a lot of explaining to do. I predict that this medal, at a minimum, will someday be withdrawn. We need Honest Elections and Strong Borders for our Country to again be Great!

Read the full article from American Greatness here.


It’s Time For A Special Counsel

Taylor Budowich, head of MAGA Inc., released the following statement to Breitbart in response to the news that classified documents were located at UPenn’s Biden Center: “Why were classified documents stored at Biden’s Chinese-funded think tank? The Justice Department must appoint a special counsel to investigate”

The New York Post reported last year that University of Pennsylvania received tens of millions of dollars from anonymous Chinese donors after the university announced it would create the Biden Center.

Tucker Carlson asked the right questions Monday night about this arrangement. “Penn has received more than $50 million from anonymous Chinese donors,” Tucker said. “Were those donors peering at the classified documents, the national secrets, that Joe Biden had been stashing at the fake think tank that Penn set up for him?”



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  1. Dee

    Chinese “students” copy everything they can get their hands on. Also of importance, though: did the Trump Admin. then NOT have ACCESS to these secret & top secret (& higher?) docs re Iran, China, Ukraine?

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