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Bogus Day: Another Failure For Congressional Dems Impeachment Sham

Congressional Democrats have tried once again to rig this bogus impeachment process and make up for their failures, but Senate Republicans stayed united against their antics.

Senate Democrats tried repeatedly to change the rules at the last minute to make up for their weak case, but they failed every time. Here’s a day one recap: 

·         Senate Democrats held 11 votes to change the rules, but each and every one failed.

·         With only one Republican voting for one Schumer amendment the entire time, Republicans stayed united behind the fair and just process outlined by Leader McConnell.

·         Under the rules, House managers and the White House will each get 24 hours to make their case and Senators 16 hours to ask questions, the same as in Clinton’s trial.

This is another sign that Congressional Democrats are scrambling to make up for their failed efforts in the House.

·         If they had made their case in the House, Congressional Democrats wouldn’t need to ask for more witnesses and documents.

·         Now they are attempting to have it both ways on the evidence – simultaneously calling their evidence “overwhelming” and “infallible,” while admitting they need more.

·         These contradictory claims defy common sense and, as White House Counsel Pat Cipollone explained, would be thrown out of any actual court of law.

o   CIPOLLONE: “Now let me tell you something. If I showed up in any court in this country and I said, ‘Judge, my case is overwhelming, but I’m not ready to go yet. I need more evidence before I can make my case,’ I would get thrown out in two seconds. And that’s exactly what should happen here.”

·         Their call for more witnesses is just another desperate attempt to save their impeachment fantasy before it, once again, dismantles on national television.

Congressional Democrats have tried to break with precedent once again to force an unfair process.

·         Leader McConnell has fulfilled his promise and stuck with rules that closely track the Clinton impeachment standards, ensuring this will be a fair trial.

·         Congressional Democrats attempted to foist the unfair, unprecedented process they used in the House onto the Senate but failed.

·         Their new push for witnesses defies all precedent and is just evidence that Congressional Democrats are once again trying to cherry pick witnesses.

o   During the Clinton trial, every witness that testified for the Senate had already been questioned in the inquiry.

More to come! 

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