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Biden’s Train Wreck – Amy Coney Barrett is EXCEPTIONAL!

Joe Biden is weak and diminished – is he incapable of executing the rigors of the presidency?

Biden had a terrible day of campaigning yesterday. Here are a few snippets of his day of disaster: Joe got things started by insulting 56 percent of Americans who say they are better off now than they were four years ago.

Then the former V.P. callously said if Americans think they’re better off, “they probably shouldn’t vote for him” and “their memory is not very good quite frankly.” Oh, and of course Joe can’t remember where he is half the time.

It gets worse. Joe couldn’t remember the name of Sen. Mitt Romney from Utah, instead referring to him as the “Senator who is a Mormon.”

However, just eight short years ago, Joe Biden told Black Americans that Romney wanted to “put y’all back in chains!”

Adding insult to injury, at his next campaign event in Ohio, Biden bizarrely claimed that he was in Pennsylvania, he’s running for Senate, and then directed voters to a fake website. Ouch.

Oh, and he confused Ted Kennedy with former Ku Klux Klan “Exalted Cyclops” Robert Byrd.

And that was just one day.

It’s very clear that Biden does not have the strength, stamina, or mental fortitude required to lead this country. It’s sad. Whenever he leaves his basement or does an interview, it’s a catastrophe.

Amy Coney Barrett Shines

On the other hand, Judge Amy Coney Barrett is an exceptionally well-qualified Supreme Court nominee. The more I hear her speak the more impressed I am with her grace and intellect.

There is no question that Judge Barrett is wholeheartedly devoted to upholding the Constitution and the laws of this nation.

The Seventh Circuit Court judge recognizes the proper role of a judge is to determine what the law says, as written, rather than prescribing what it should be based on a judge’s personal beliefs.

Barrett says she believes decisions by judges should be based solely on the law and the Constitution, not on personal preference.

It’s never appropriate for a judge to impose that judge’s personal convictions…on the law, ” Barret explained yesterday.

ALERT:  Trump has scheduled a rally for Greenville, NC on Thursday. The John Fredericks Show and The Virginia Star will be covering it live! 



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