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Biden’s Tales From The Crypt: Joe Biden Hides In Basement, Scared to engage Trump


For over 80 days, Joe Biden has refused to take questions—why is he hiding?”

  • Biden’s advisers are keeping him hidden from cameras, hoping that America will forget his decades-long record of failure. He sleeps more hours in a day than my cat, Sammy!
  • The economic contrast between President Trump’s making the American economy the envy of the world, with unparalleled growth and opportunity, versus Joe Biden’s lefty policies that will hurt American families financially, is crystal clear. No jobs for you! Go the CHOP and CHAZ!
  • On criminal justice reform, education, Opportunity Zones, tax cuts, bringing back American jobs from abroad and removing the United States from endless wars, President Trump continues to undo the decades of damage caused by Joe Biden’s policies.
  • It is impossible for Joe Biden to cast himself as a candidate of change when President Trump has done more in four years than Joe Biden has done in 40.
  • Meanwhile, President Trump continues to Renew, Restore and Rebuild America, and retail sales for May showed a sharp rebound, rising a record 18% and boosting our economic growth forecast.
    • The Great American Comeback is underway—he will take us back to and help us exceed our previous economic heights.

Pollsters and pundits did not learn their lesson in 2016—these polls are meaningless:

  • As we saw in 2016, polling is a broken way of measuring how the country feels.
  • The enthusiasm for President Trump continues to remain high—donations continue to break records and over one million people have RSVPd to the President’s rally in Tulsa.
  • Americans are happy with President Trump’s leadership and the economic comeback that is already underway.
  • In the coming months, America will learn about Joe Biden’s past failures and his future plans that will lead American down a path to pro-China ruin.
  • Voter enthusiasm for Joe Biden is practically non-existent.
  • Americans trust President Trump over Joe Biden to bring our economy back to greatness.

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