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Biden’s Super Wednesday: Smokes Sanders, Bloomy’s Disaster And Lady MacBeth One Loss Short of Harold Stassen

Wake Up! It’s MO-JOE! 

The DNC Empire Strikes BACK! 

  • The Joe Biden resuscitation effort by the Democrat and Media Establishment was a smashing success.
    • Joe Biden overperformed expectations, winning the night and taking a delegate lead.
    • Joe Biden came first in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas and Oklahoma.
    • Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, won in Vermont, Colorado, California and Utah.
    • While, it is clear the Democrat electorate is anything but unified behind him, Joe Biden is now once-again the Democrat front-runner.
    • President Trump continued to post historic results, highlighting the enthusiasm and unprecedented support for his re-election.
  • Alabama:
    • President Trump received almost double the number of votes of any other presidential candidate not named Donald Trump in the state of Alabama in the last 40 years, while adding nearly 300,000 votes to his 2016 total.
    • As evidence of a fractured field, Joe Biden received just 276,353 votes with 84% reporting, while the leading Democrat received at least 300,000 votes in 2008 and 2016.
  • Arkansas:
    • While Joe Biden won out of the Democrats, President Trump received more votes than all other presidential candidates on the ballot tonight combined.
  • California:
    • Not only does California historically have issues reporting the results of their elections in a timely manner, but reports on Election Day show that Gov. Newsom’s state is incapable of even allowing it’s citizens to vote properly. Here are just a few examples of voters being disenfranchised in California:
      • Senator Sanders’ campaign had to go before a judge in Los Angeles County to ask polls remain open because of reports of massive lines and voters being unable to submit their ballot.
      • After spending $280 million to “modernize” California’s elections, multiple news outlets reported that California’s new “state of the art” voting machines,  were incapable of connecting with the Secretary of State’s database, with many of the machines simply not working.
      • The problems in California are worse than Iowa. Unlike Iowa, where voters were able to participate but results didn’t come in properly, California’s problems have disenfranchised thousands of California voters, not allowing them to participate in the democratic process.
    • Despite all the voting problems, Bernie Sanders came out on top last night in California.
  • Colorado:
    • In Colorado, turnout for the 2020 Republican Presidential Primary is higher than the previous three Republican Presidential Primaries combined.
    • Colorado Democrats are poised to split their delegates between four candidates, with Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, and Elizabeth Warren above the 15% threshold.
  • Massachusetts:
    • In Massachusetts, with 89% reporting, President Trump received the highest vote total of any incumbent president since before Ronald Reagan.
    • In 2016, Hillary Clinton received 603,784 votes as the top vote getter. In 2020, Joe Biden received 414,136 votes as the top vote getter with 89% reported highlighting the continued fracture of the Democrat electorate.
  • Maine:
    • In Maine, President Trump received the highest vote total of any presidential primary candidate since before Ronald Reagan.
    • For the first time in four decades, no candidate received the majority of the vote in the Maine Democrat Primary election.
  • Minnesota:
    • In Minnesota, President Trump received the highest vote total of any incumbent president since before Ronald Reagan.
    • In Minnesota, three Democrat candidates split the states total number of delegates, showing evidence of a fractured electorate.
  • North Carolina:
    • In North Carolina, President Trump won the Presidential Primary with the highest vote percentage (93.5%) of any incumbent presidential candidate since before Ronald Reagan.
    • In North Carolina, the leading Democrat vote getter received 60k less votes than the leader in 2016, 203k less votes than the leader in 2012, and 324k less votes than the leader in 2008.
  • Oklahoma:
    • In Oklahoma, President Trump won with the highest margin of victory than any incumbent president since before Ronald Reagan.
    • Fewer Democrats decided to participate in the Oklahoma Democrat Primary then did in 2016 or 2008.
  • Tennessee:
    • In Tennessee, President Trump received more votes than any other incumbent president in the last three decades.
  • Texas:
    • With 25% of the precincts outstanding, President Trump has more votes than any other Presidential Primary candidate in the last forty years. He also has almost as many votes as the entire Democrat field combined, including almost a million more votes than the leading Democrat.
  • Vermont:
    • In Vermont, President Trump received the highest vote total of any incumbent President seeking reelection in the last four decades, since before Ronald Reagan.
    • Bernie Sanders received less than 50% of the vote in his home county of Grand Isle.

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