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Biden’s Goldman-Sachs Cheap Labor Sellout Crashes With USMCA

After decades of Joe Biden selling the American people out to foreign interests, the USMCA is a victory that finally puts Americans First, 

  • This renegotiation of Joe Biden’s disastrous NAFTA deal is another Promise Kept by President Trump, who has always fought to put American workers first.
    • Biden championed NAFTA, which killed 850,000 jobs in the United States.
    • When Biden voted for NAFTA in 1993, he falsely predicted American workers wouldn’t be hurt by the deal, calling it a “legislative victory” and claiming it would “be a wash” on jobs.
    • In 2007, Biden said that his vote for NAFTA did not “aggrieve” him and denied that NAFTA led to job losses.
    • In 1993, just before his job-killing NAFTA vote, Biden said  “I do not pretend to be an expert on international trade matters.”
  • The USMCA will create an estimated 176,000 new jobs and will grow America’s economy by up to $235 billion.
  • The National Association of Manufacturers called the USMCA “critical for manufacturers in every state.”
    • American manufacturers will see the “largest percentage gains” from the USMCA in higher wages, new jobs, and greater exports of any industry.
  • The USMCA also helps small and medium sized businesses succeed by:
    • Streamlining international shipping, making it easier for these businesses to export their products,
    • Eliminating customs duties for digital products distributed electronically, like e-books and videos,
    • Providing strong protections for intellectual property rights, and
    • Removing the requirement that businesses must have an office in the country they are doing business in—a massive barrier to small businesses.

Joe Biden sides with union bosses over students and families:

  • Ignoring the advice of health and educational professionals, Joe Biden is siding with teacher union bosses over students and families by refusing to commit to reopening schools this fall.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics is actively urging officials to allow children to be physically present in the classroom this fall.
  • Biden has also promised to eliminate charter schools, saying they will be “gone” if he is elected president.
    • Biden would take away scholarships from thousands of largely minority children, forcing them to go to inferior schools that fail to meet their educational needs.
    • Joe Biden believes that he knows better than the parents on how to educate their children.
  • President Trump believes that every child—regardless of background, income, or zip code—deserves the right to a quality education and to a life of success.
    • The President has advocated for policies that allow more children to attend the school of their choice, which has especially benefited lower-income and minority communities.

Thanks to President Trump’s efforts, the United States is leading the world in our coronavirus response:

  • A recent study has shown that the Administration’s paycheck protection program has saved 51 million jobs across the country.
  • Over 39 million tests have been completed.
    • The FDA has authorized 166 different tests under Emergency Use Authorizations, including diagnostic, antibody, and antigen tests.
  • The Administration is processing requests to deploy over 1,000 doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel to impacted areas like Arizona, California, and Texas.
  • The case fatality rate of the coronavirus continues to decline, and remains one of the lowest ratios of any country on earth.
  • The number of emergency room visits is also declining.
  • We are more than equipped to confront this virus and continue safely reopening our Nation in measured phases.

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