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Bannon Busts China Firewall, Leads Hong Kong Freedom Revolt From Sea

Stephen K. Bannon served as a Naval officer just after the Vietnam War on U.S. destroyers. His war-ships cruised the South China Sea, Western Pacific, Indian Ocean, and the Persian Gulf hunting for Soviet nuclear fast attack submarines.

Forty years later Bannon is back at sea, this time on an unnamed privateer frigate sailing off the U.S. coast.

But his mission remains the same: advance the cause of freedom choked off by an authoritarian regime bent on global domination through force and intimidation.

In the late 1970’s Bannon ships, like his 1977 USS Foster, had armaments – lots of them.

Today, Bannon doesn’t have guns at his disposal–he has something much more deadly to his totalitarian adversaries: a live radio show-busting through the Chinese Communist Party’s vaulted digital firewall and reaching enslaved people in Shanghai and Mainland China.

Bannon’s voice of emancipation also reaches into Hong-Kong, Singapore, and India.

China cannot allow Hong Kong or Taiwan to be successful democracies in its plan to turn a vast swathe of the globe essentially into tributary states through the “predatory capitalism” of the Belt and Road Initiative, said former White House strategist Steve Bannon in a recent interview with The Straits Times.

“One of the reasons for the move in Hong Kong, let’s be brutally frank about this, is that I think they’re prepared to stand up to the West right now and say, ‘We don’t need your capital and we don’t need your technology’,” he explained.

“Chinese on the mainland cannot be allowed to see the successes of democracies such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore,” Bannon said.

“Beijing cannot allow the success story that is Taiwan, particularly in this pandemic. They cannot allow the world to see the success of a democratic population in Hong Kong,” Bannon continued.

The former Trump senior advisor said he believes China and the US are “not in a Cold War, but already in a hot war…the Chinese Communist Party must be confronted,” he warned.

The CCP is petrified of Bannon’s public message over the airwaves, and they have made him U.S. public enemy number one, flaying him on their official Twitter feed.

He’s also become a daily foil to provocateurs on CCTV, the CCP’s main nightly news propaganda network.

Steve Bannon’s radio show “War Room 2020” broadcasts live on the John Fredericks Radio Network from 10 AM-12 PM from Monday to Saturday. It’s beamed from there into mainland China and around the globe.

Bannon also does live specials for 77-WABC-Radio NYC. 

In addition, Bannon’s War Room 2020 can be viewed live on video stream on AmericasVoice.News apps and on their live cable news channel on DISH channel 219.

War-Room 2020 video is then re-broadcast live on Newsmax from 11 PM  to midnight, airing in over 70 million U.S. homes, Monday to Friday.

Bannon will be joining us live from sea tomorrow, June 10 at 8:05 AM. LISTEN HERE.

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