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As Iowa Dem Fiasco Unfolds, Trump Readies for SOTU

President Trump wins big in Iowa caucus…Debacle continues into the second day…Dems can’t run a one day caucuses

  • The Iowa caucuses were a complete disaster for Democrats.
  • With ‘technical’ issues and the DNC doing “quality control” of results, how can we expect Democrats to run the country if they can’t even run a caucus?
  • While Democrat’s had to manage a total disaster, President Trump’s supporters turned out in record numbers.
  • President Trump beat all incumbent turnout records in the Iowa caucus, earning 97% of the Republican vote.
  • Last night, Iowa voters made it clear they are ready for four more years of President Donald J. Trump!

President Trump to address the nation tonight:

  • Democrats have been scheming against the President since the day he took office, refusing to work with him for the betterment of the American people.
  • Even without a cooperative Congress, President Trump has been able to secure historic wins for the American people.
  • This ‘great American comeback’ will highlight the record economic successes that President Trump has made.
    • Over 7 million jobs created.
    • 50-year low unemployment of 3.5%.
    • Record low unemployment for Latino, black, Asian Americans.
    • The blue-collar boom has helped launch America into the hottest economy in modern history.
  • While Democrats and the media have tried to manipulate a scandal against the President, the truth always wins.
    • The Mueller report proved full and total exoneration for President Trump.
    • The Ukrainian phone call has been distorted by lying Democrats. The transparent transcripts proved there was NO quid pro quo nor bribery.
  • President Trump is tirelessly working to improve healthcare, lower prescription drug costs, secure our southern border, enhance our military, and raise wages for hardworking Americans.
  • The 2020 Democrats stand in stark contrast with President Trump. Their policies would completely undo all the record successes President Trump has scored for the nation.
  • The State of the Union address will tout these record-breaking accomplishments and show Americans that under President Trump, the best is yet to come.

Impeachment day 12 – Analysis by Attorney to the President, Jenna Ellis:

  • 0+0=0 theme.
  • No crime — first impeachment in US history that doesn’t allege a crime or an actual violation of an existing law.
  • No wrongdoing — first impeachment in US history that doesn’t allege objectively criminal conduct, just a policy disagreement.
  • No bipartisan support — first impeachment in US history that did not have bipartisan support. We cannot forget the precedent set by how wrong the Democrats are to weaponize impeachment.

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