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Another 5 million Americans file for unemployment-PPP out of money-Dems hold small business hostage

Trump campaign statement on latest unemployment claims numbers

“President Trump continues to lead the nation in the war against the coronavirus with two main priorities: protecting the health and safety of the American people and safeguarding the economy. Under the President’s leadership the economy reached unprecedented heights before it was artificially interrupted and it will be through his guidance that we’ll restore it to greatness. President Trump knows that small businesses are the backbone of the American economy, which is why the Paycheck Protection Program is so important to ensure that workers are not missing paydays. More than a million small businesses have been aided through the program, saving many millions of American jobs.

“As the initial funding of the program is expended, Democrats are shamelessly playing politics and putting Americans into greater economic danger. Congressional Democrats and their hapless candidate for president care more about appeasing their special interests and scoring political points against President Trump than they do about making sure small businesses can keep workers on payroll. Democrats need to knock off the games and do what’s right for once.  Throwing rhetorical bombs may appease their political base, but it doesn’t buy any groceries or pay the rent for hard working Americans who need help right now.”

– Tim Murtaugh, Trump 2020 communications director

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