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64 Days Later: Dems Waste Time on Impeachment While President Trump Works for the American People

In the 64 days since Nancy Pelosi announced the start of this baseless impeachment sham, Democrats have completely abandoned their duty to the American people while President Trump continues to deliver results.

More than two months later, Democrats still have produced no evidence of wrongdoing by the President.

·       After hours and hours wasted on public and secret hearings, they couldn’t produce a single piece of evidence showing the President did anything wrong.

·       President Zelensky himself has made clear that he didn’t know about the aid being withheld at the time of the July 25th call and he felt no pressure.

·       Multiple witnesses denied ever hearing from the President about a quid pro quo for the aid or about any preconditions for a White House meeting with Zelensky.

·       The aid was released and the President met with Zelensky at the UN General Assembly – yet no investigations were launched.

While Democrats obsess over impeachment, the American people are waiting for Congress to do something that will actually have a positive impact on their lives.

·       Instead of working on issues that will actually impact Americans’ lives – Democrats have been consumed by impeachment.

·       Democrats have failed to do anything to help American families struggling with high drug prices.

·       Democrats have done nothing to help rebuild the failing roads and bridges in our communities.

·       Democrats apparently care about impeachment more than USMCA – which would create thousands of jobs for American workers and bring billions in investment to our economy.

President Trump, however, has continued to work every single day to help build a safer and more prosperous future for all Americans. 

·       The President secured two massive trade agreements with Japan that will boost agricultural exports and strengthen digital trade between our two countries.

·       President Trump reached a new landmark in his historic remaking of the judiciary – having now appointed 1 in 4 Circuit Court judges.

·       At President Trump’s direction, our incredible military launched a successful mission to bring the founder of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to justice.

·       The President took action to require hospitals and insurers to provide more price transparency to patients – helping Americans make informed decisions about their own healthcare.

·       President Trump’s pro-growth policies continue to spur an economic resurgence – with all major stock market indexes hitting record highs, unemployment remaining near a half century low, and workers seeing rising wages.

·       The President continued to combat the opioid crisis, launching a new online tool to help Americans struggling with addiction access treatment and announcing 150 new grants to prevent youth substance use.

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