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Oh, so many wins…are you tired of winning yet?…Let’s take a trip down memory lane…President Trump’s historic wins this year: 

So Many WINS: 

  • Over 7.1 MILLION jobs have been created
  • 500,000 new manufacturing jobs 
  • Wage growth 3 percent 
  • Unemployment rate is at a 50-year low of 3.5%.
  • Unemployment rate for women, Latino, black, and Asian Americas are now at record lows.
  • The great bipartisan USMCA trade deal has been ratified: projected to add 176,000 jobs and $68.2 billion to the economy + 1.0 percent higher GDP
  • United States and China have agreed to a Phase One trade deal that treats our farmers fairer
  • Number one terrorist leader in the world has been killed The founder and leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is no longer a threat to the world
  • 100 federal judges were confirmed in 2019 alone-WOW! 
  • Trump repealed expensive Obamacare taxes, including the “Cadillac tax” and the Medical Device Tax
  • 3.1 percent pay raise was secured for our military troops
  • United States Space Force was established
  • The stock market hit record numbers: DOW Jones, Nasdaq, and S&P 500 all reaching record highs

The Empty Suit Syndrome-Democrats will stop at nothing to take down President Trump:

  • Despite President Trump’s outstanding accomplishments over the last three years, Democrats and the media have made it their main goal to stop President Trump.
  • Still unhappy with the legitimate results of the 2016 election, Congressional Democrats stooped to new lows trying to remove President Trump from office.
  • When President Trump was proved fully exonerated from the Russian collusion hoax, Democrats tried to manufacture a new scandal in Ukraine.
  • Nancy Pelosi and friends sparked an impeachment coup attempt based off virtually no evidence against President Trump.
  • The bogus impeachment process will head to the Senate in January for more rounds of hearings.
  • The facts remain consistent: there was NO quid pro quo or bribery. Read the transcripts!
    • President Zelensky has said multiple times to the world press that there was “no pressure” on the phone calls with President Trump.
  • Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats are trying their hardest to take away the option for the American people to vote for President Trump again in November 2020.

Democrat Presidential candidates have no chance against President Trump in 2020:

  • As campaigning season picks up heading into the New Year, it is important to remember that the cluster of Democrats running for President have no chance at competing against President Trump.
  • His clear record of accomplishment since January 2017 poses a serious threat for 2020 Democrat hopefuls.
  • Democrats running this cycle believe in extreme socialist policies – the exact opposite of everything President Trump stands for.
  • Democrats have endorsed outrageous policies like the TRILLION-dollar Green New Deal, health care for illegal immigrants, abortion until birth, and universal health care for Americans.
  • Socialism will not be a winning strategy for Democrats in 2020. 

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